Бартcелона pop up 147

Бартcелона pop up 147

Бартcелона pop up 147 is a project by Бартcелона pop and Radisson Collection Hotel, Old Mill Belgrade. The hotel room 147 will be a place where different contemporary artist will present their photography work every month.

The exhibition “The Great Gatsby” by the photographer Stanko Abadžić, will be open for public from November 24th.

Croatian photographer Stanko Abadžić is one of those photographers who take inspiration directly from the classics; from the maestro Henri Cartier Bresson to Sid Kaplan, from Thomas Billhardt to Elliott Erwitt, from Josef Koudelka to André Kerstész. He is one of rare XXI century’s photographers who is masterfully playing with classical photography, and not only street photography, but also with portraits and nudes that were exhibited twice already in Бартcелона Koncept gallery.

Hand in hand with Stanko Abadžić, and with a bed waiting ready for us in the Radisson Hotel, we will take a beautiful and fantasy trip through time. We will wear more special clothes and become new Gatsbys. From the room 147 in Belgrade’s Radisson Collection Hotel, we will take a time machine to the first stop on our journey – Paris, the city of lights, the city of Henri Cartier Bresson, where we will walk its streets, visit its cafes, its bridges, the corners of its alleys…..

After that, we will take a night train, naturally, and head to Berlin, where people who are hiding from themselves, as well as from the others, will be waiting for us. At Tempelhof, we will take the first flight to Istanbul, still a safe city, and get there on time for the last prayer before we depart for the penultimate stop on our trip – Prague, exciting city with exuberant night life. Finally, we will take a train to Budapest, where people still live in surreal neighbourhoods, enjoying their games and always ready for a special night.
Mr Gatsby, the show must go on!
Artwork is available for purchase.
Hotel room is an exhibition space, for all information and requests you should contact Бартcелона pop up 147 directly at:

David Pujado
t. +381 638 006 371
t. +34 605 777 211