Artist Residency

It is our great pleasure to introduce you to the 1st ‘Radisson Blu Artist Residency’.

‘Radisson Blu Artist Residency’ is a project representing collaboration between worldwide known performing artist Marta Jovanovic  and our Hotel.

The scope of the program is to encourage international artists to visit Belgrade, meet Serbian people and local culture.

During the project Radisson Blu Old Mill will be the host of local and international artists and will create an environment for them to think, research, write and produce new work.
All local art enthusiasts will have the opportunity to visit many interesting exhibitions, performances, lectures and performing dinners at the hotel premises throughout the year ahead of us.

We believe that this program will be a great asset to development of the Serbian art scene, hoping to ensure great future collaborations between the artists and institutions.

We head a great honor to host and to be supported by Ambassadors of Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, members of the Royal Family, renowned international and Serbian Artists at our Grand Opening on 20th Feb.

Special thanks to Anja Foerschner, Research Specialist at the Getty Research Institute, for being our first Artist Residency Guest, for her opening speech and lecture on ‘Disgust’ concept.

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