Rakija Jam

Rakija Jam

Date: 21st February

Time: 19:30
Place: OMB Lounge
Special promo – 7 plumb brandies (Rtanjska limited, Čedina organska, Dar Visova 15, Minićeva 1989, Plazinić Premium 15, Stari vitez 2002, Paunova 20) and premier of our rakija Radissonovacha.

Entertainment: DJ Aćim and Mirče, vinyl

All information and reservations: + 381 11 6 357 359.

Rakija promo prices (0.04):

  • Plaznić  920.00 rsd
  • Čedina   330.00 rsd
  • Stari Vitez  460.00 rsd
  • Minićeva   420.00 rsd
  • Rtanjska duša  270.00 rsd
  • Paunova  390.00 rsd
  • Dar Visova  350.00 rsd

If you order all 7 rakija’s:
1550.00 rsd
(this order is followed by free snacks, mentioned in food offering below)

Food offer for this evening:

OMB Larder option:

* Vegetable roll with cream cheese

* Stuffed oyster mushrooms with smoked bacon and myrrh cheese on corn puree

* Cucumber soup with miso and tofu cheese

* Flavored smouj on mashed potatoes and with olive sauce

* Confused duck drumstick with red onion jam and fennel puree

* Raspberry tart with matcha tea aroma

Price: 2500.00 rsd


OMB Lounge option:

* Mini cherry peppers stuffed with cheese

* Goat cheese tart with fennel and almond

* Gamori on a crystal salad with avocado

* Arancini with chicken

* Sauteed beef steak with potato jam with tomato jam

* Honey cake with chocolate

Price: 1300.00 rsd


Option for tasting 7 rakijas followed by free pairing snacks:

* Bruschetta with dried flavored tomatoes and kajmak

* Buckwheat pancakes with mushroom jam

* Peace cheese with salsa verde

* Panacotta with cucumber and juice

* Chocolate praline with plum gel